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Better software makes a better experience.
Your patients will judge your practice on far more than your skills as a dentist. So while talent is essential, so are the abilities to accommodate specific patient scheduling needs, immediate access to patient records, and rapid, error-free payment processing. Everything matters, and it’s this total patient experience that the new Dental-Exec v14 practice management software delivers for practices each day. A plethora of powerful, intelligent features engineered with an intuitive user interface help to make the exceptional experiences that Dental-Exec practices deliver each day.
Dental-Exec Highlights:
Detailed patient task tracking

Multiple monitor functionality

Multiple appointment books

Production goal tracking

Multiple office capability

Simplified consistent scheduling with appointment templates

Fully-embedded drug
interaction software

Point & Click Tx Planning
& Posting
Integrated cross coding

Implant case details
auto-merge with letters

Track and report details of graft
and membrane procedures

Track patient experience
and office efficiency of
each appointment

Customizable one-click profile
of critical patient information

Cycle billing

PPO reporting

Document scanning

Touch-screen capability

Certified Electronic


Electronic Rx

PBHS TruForm online registration auto-merges into patient record

Real-time insurance eligibility

Real-time claim tracking
The software of-choice that works with all your software of-choice
Today’s most advanced practices want the best of everything. Dental-Exec v14 delivers this by allowing your dental practice to integrate with all your software of-choice. In all, over 55 of the leading software providers for dental practices integrate seamlessly with Dental-Exec v14, allowing you to make better, more informed, data-driven decisions for your patients and your practice.
Dental-Exec v14 integrates with over 55 industry-leading partners. The following is
a partial list of current integration partners:
Digital Imaging:

Belmont XVLite

Carestream Digital Imaging


CliniView XV


Dexis 10

Dexis Integrator




i-CAT Vision
Image FX

LED Dental

Patient Gallery

Patterson Imaging

Prof Suni

Pro lmage






VixWin/VixWin Platinum

XRay Vision




Emdeon/Web MD

Heartland Payment Systems

Lexi-Comp (included in
Dental-Exec v14)*

NEA Fast Attach

Solution Reach
(Appointment reminders only)
*Requires Software Support to be current. **Please verify specific model is supported with DSN Software.
The fully-integrated payment solution.
It’s the best of both worlds. Credit card processing is now safer and easier than ever. Automation, encryption and tokenization are now significantly faster, more accurate, and more affordable with integrated payment processing through Heartland Payment Systems. The highest security standards in payment processing today are yours with Dental-Exec v14.
When software is invaluable, Technical Support must be its equal.
Dental-Exec is engineered to be a powerful tool in the day-to-day operation of your practice. Similarly, Technical Support for Dental-Exec is there when you need it. You’re a phone call away from prompt, detailed answers from a knowledgeable Tech professional who knows the inner workings of a dental practice as well as the software. For this reason, DSN is unmatched in its record for long-term, highly satisfied clients.
See what’s possible today in a personal Demo.
v14 is more than the newest release of Dental-Exec. It’s an entirely new set of capabilities for your practice that we’d like to show you in a personal online Demo. Tell us what you’ve always wanted out of your software and we’ll show you how v14 tackles those issues, point by point. Multiple office complexities, payment processing, software integration issues, you name it. We’ll show you precisely where Dental-Exec v14 stands.

Call 800-366-1197 / Online request for Demo
About DSN Software.
Dental-Exec v14 is engineered, marketed, and supported by DSN Software, a privately-held tech firm in Washington State that engineers practice management software solutions for dental and dental specialty practices. Since 1978, DSN has been a consistent leader in transforming practices through the insight, efficiency, and productivity that technology enables. Dental-Exec v14 is notable for its seamless integration with over 55 of the leading software and technology providers found in today’s most advanced practices.
I’d like to learn more.
For more information about Dental-Exec v14, please contact us online, by phone or via e-mail to request a personal online Demo.
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